• Imported Mesh from Character Creator

    Imported Mesh from Character Creator

  • Mesh Skeleton

    Mesh Skeleton

  • MoCap Skeleton

    MoCap Skeleton

  • Bone/Joint Retargeting

    Bone/Joint Retargeting

  • Deformed Mesh

    Deformed Mesh

MoCap x Procedural

Technical Art

Quick breakdown of a tricky MoCap shot that I tackled procedurally with Houdini/KineFX. Needed a shot of a (very) drunk person for a friend's film. I knew from the outset that the hands would need to be recorded separately and that I would need to find a way to "splice" them onto the recording of the actor. Unfortunately, though perhaps fittingly, the recording came back a little wobbly in the legs- so I needed to seek out a solution for the loose sensors while maintaining the integrity of the others.